Turner Pope Investor Evening May 2019

Deltex Medical Group PLC

This medical technology company manufactures, markets and is a global leader in Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring systems. Their minimally invasive, real time, blood flow monitoring equipment is incredibly well positioned from both a patient safety and cost saving perspective; reducing post-operative complications, intensive care admissions and length of hospital stay. A extensively developed technology from a well established company benefitting patients and healthcare providers, addressing wide market requirement.

Integumen PLC

Combine data analytics with access to therapeutic operational expertise, specialising in Skin. Their core offering, Labskin AI has attracted numerous blue chip household names in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, life sciences, clinical research and cosmetic sectors as clients using the platform. Labskin is a laboratory-grown full thickness human skin developed for specialist studies focused on the human skin microbiome. Their scalable and bespoke platform allows users to test consumer products on acne, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff populated skin under real-world conditions, viewing the results in real-time.

Midatech Pharma PLC

This R&D oncology and rare disease product developer is currently focussed on delivering a range of improved chemo and immunotherapeutics. They have recently undergone a strategically significant repositioning after selling their US arm of the business to concentrate on their proprietary drug delivery platforms, all of which are now at the clinical stage. It’ an exciting time for Midatech as they enter a new chapter of growth; we expect to see plenty of news flow over the next two years!

OptiBiotix Health PLC

Innovative developer of compounds tackling obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Operating in one of the most progressive areas of biotechnological research they are trailblazing in the world of the human microbiome, identifying applications for food ingredients, supplements and active compounds that can impact on human physiology, alleviating potential risks resulting from chronic lifestyle diseases. They have a portfolio of over 65 patents and over 28 trademarks and are growing rapidly on a global scale.

WideCells Group PLC

Currently undergoing a period of significant change including a name change to Iconic labs under the steer of John Quinlan & Liam Harrington of UNILAD fame. John and Liam were the founders of UNILAD, the worlds largest social media publisher and hope to leverage their network and expertise via Iconic Labs. They have received an excellent response and strong demand following their initial soft launch with the first contract expect to finalise this month and maiden revenue banked from June. They are still in their restructuring phase so its most encouraging to see this level of demand prior to official formal launch of Iconic Labs as a digital marketing agency.


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