Corporate Broking

Our Mission

We seek out ambitious, innovative and exciting growth companies whose aspirations match our own and those of our clients, where we are able to build strong, lasting, aligned relationships with management. We look to work with management teams that will listen to our investors and that actively strive to build value for their shareholders.

Focussed on public markets, we believe listed entities sometimes fail to connect with their intended audience or aren’t able to interpret their message effectively in a way that can be meaningfully and quickly understood by the active investor. We also believe that these more active investors are often neglected in favour of more elite and powerful institutions that don’t provide for a healthy and liquid trading environment in their shares; this is particularly prevalent in micro and small cap companies. We believe that listed publicly traded companies should be just that: public and trading.

The Corporate Broking Team

Guy Peters

Guy has over 25 years of fully listed AIM corporate advisory and broking experience for small and mid cap companies encompassing IPOs, equity financing, takeovers and restructuring for a vast range of companies across most sectors. He has held senior Director roles at Albert E Sharp, Old Mutual Securities, Arbuthnot Securities, Shore Capital and Seymour Pierce. He has extensive corporate finance, broking, asset management, accounting, business development and operational experience that is integral to our team. As a qualified legal advisor Guy’s broad regulatory knowledge and experience working with the FCA, LSE and PRA makes him a valuable asset to our corporate department, managing our retained and prospective client’s day to day corporate finance requirements.

Andy Thacker

Working within our Corporate Broking team Andy has been involved in the UK smaller companies space since 1993, initially on the retail broking side, moving into corporate broking in 2010. As a consequence of this 25-year background, he has directly and indirectly been involved in hundreds of transactions for many companies in a myriad of sectors, developing key relationships with Private Investors and Institutions in addition to the wider corporate adviser community; including Nominated Advisers, Lawyers and PR/IR firms. At Turner Pope, Andy’s role includes advising companies, arranging roadshows, managing fundraising and providing an information conduit between the market and our corporate clients.


Zoe Alexander

Zoe has been advising, dealing and investing in small cap companies, both private and listed across AIM, ASX, & TSX for 11 years. As an RDR qualified advisor she has a broad view of the market speaking to a wide range of investors which has established a network of valuable relationships with high net-worth individuals, professional investors, family offices and UK long only institutions. She is highly experienced in raising money for and advising small cap and growth companies having completed numerous IPO’s, equity placings and debt instruments on the London Market. She is particularly passionate about growth companies, trading and investor relations.

Why Turner Pope Investments

At Turner Pope Investments, we believe it is vitally important for listed companies to engage regularly with their shareholders and wider investment audience, as such Turner Pope Investments have been organising events since December 2016 at a variety of prestige venues within the City of London, including the NED and the RAF Club. This provides an effective platform for both our corporate clients and interesting growth companies to engage, listen and network with likeminded companies and investors that understand and share a passion for their space. We are currently running events on an invitation only basis but are open to speaking to those companies that may like to be involved if we feel their proposition and business aspirations are in the spirit of these events.

Our recent successes

What our clients say

Turner Pope Investments | Falanx | Value Investing, London

“Falanx worked with Turner Pope who led the £4.6m fundraising for our major acquisition in March 2018. They did this effectively and speedily. They have a good network of relationships and have introduced some quality investors. They have a can-do attitude and work closely with the company and kept us fully informed at all times with the process, and when it came to final documentation they were well organised and matters were concluded swiftly.”

Ian Selby, CFO

Turner Pope Investments | Europa Metals | Value Investing, London

“Turner Pope offer the combination of highly effective execution with an actual advisory service. The TPI team you can talk to and bring into the strategy formulation of how you get to your corporate goals.”

Laurence Read, Executive Director

Turner Pope Investments | Deltex | Value Investing, London

“The team at TPI got it from the start that the Deltex technology changes patients’ lives for the better. With this shared passion, they pulled out all the stops to help us raise funds for our placing last year achieving an impressive result.Their continued insight into the retail investor market has been invaluable to us subsequently.”

Jonathan Shaw,
Group Finance Director

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