Our ESG Commitment

TPI is aware of the importance of sustainability and our internal ESG committee is actively engaged in implementing the steps required to effect positive long-term change. By integrating the ESG objectives below into the culture and business of our company, we are committed to the role we must play in creating a more sustainable and inclusive future and accordingly we look forward to maintaining an open dialogue with all stakeholders as we push towards our objectives.


We are actively creating a culture of sustainability and seeking to mitigate our environmental impact. We intend to achieve this by making changes within our immediate office environment, such as improving energy efficiency and offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, for example, by supporting tree planting initiatives. We are mindful of our own use of resources and continue to work towards a fully paperless office. We consider potential environmental impacts during internal decision making, have fully implemented ESG considerations into our client on-boarding processes, and review the effectiveness of those considerations as a component of management information provided to the board.


TPI is an innovative company fully intent on further progression of diversity and inclusivity. We continue to support the fostering of a positive working environment, underpinned by integrity and professionalism. We adhere to internationally recognised human rights laws and all employees would be resolutely committed to voting against directors, corporate actions and resolutions that are inconsistent with our defined ESG objectives. Our desire is to build a reputation for supporting investments that have the potential to positively impact society. With respect to the wider community, our approach is to commit funds to charitable causes on a frequent basis to help better the lives of those in need.


Effective corporate governance is critical to the success of any business and requires oversight and accountability at all levels of an organisation. Our regular Risk, ESG, Corporate and Compliance team meetings ensure that all parts of the firm can communicate openly and work together effectively. This defined organisational structure is an essential component of meeting our strategic objectives and fulfilling regulatory obligations. TPI’s board understand that the fair and equal treatment of all staff members is crucially important to how the business is perceived by its stakeholders, as well as being intrinsic to its long-term growth.

Supporting Clients

At TPI we strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. We understand and fully support the importance of impact investing and recognise the value of investments made with the intention of creating genuine positive social and environmental changes as well as generating financial returns. TPI acknowledges the importance of being open and transparent with its clients and seeks to exceed the ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ outcomes and further develop its identification and servicing of vulnerable customers.