Private Client Broking

We seek to work alongside, and provide access to capital for Professional Clients whose aspirations match our own and those of our Corporate Clients, where we are able to build strong, lasting relations with Company Directors who strive to build value for their Shareholders.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships that can stand the test of time, based on our core principals of integrity, trust and placing our clients’ interests at the centre of every decision we take and every deal we do. We are always looking for exciting new opportunities for our clients and apply a rigorous due diligence process to do so. However, once identified, the scale of our clients’ appetite is normally such that we would be unable to satisfy that demand through market purchases alone. In such instances we would look to either approach the company directly or work with their existing broker with a view to negotiating a suitably attractive entry point for our clients.

Further to the above, our relationship with some of the leading Investment Houses and Financial Institutions can facilitate access to discounted AIM placings and IPOs which may not be available to all Market Investors. For our Professional Clients we can also help build a portfolio of Blue-Chip investments by providing general advice and personal recommendations, we also offer a competitive Execution-only service for our Retail Clients.

Many of our Customers invest with us for the EIS and IHT tax relief, applicable to a number of our investment ideas. We also provide ISA and SIPP trading accounts.

(Please be aware EIS, IHT and tax rates generally could be subject to change at any point in the future).

I wanted to invest in companies with the opportunity for rapid development and the potential for large capital gains, although high risk in nature. After independent investment selection and being advised by various brokers I was getting disillusioned with AIM and small caps when I came across Ben and James. That was over 7 years ago and I am still with them! I trust them implicitly and their contacts and insight enable them to find businesses that, with the benefit of further investment, have a great chance to grow in value.” “They know my selection criteria and the things that put me off any company or management team and bring me excellent investment opportunities. Of course they sometimes get it wrong but that’s definitely a minority of the opportunities they uncover.

Kevin,  Surrey

If any of these services are of interest, or you would like more information on how we may be able to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Team.

I have traded with Ben and James for many years, in my opinion they run their business in an efficient and professional manner. They research all the companies they recommend most carefully and ensure they know the management well. I am extremely satisfied with the service I receive.

Simon,  North London